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“FATIH Project in Education, Education Technologies Summit 2015” which was organised for the first time by the Ministry of National Education and opened by the speeches of Ministry of Education, Nabi AVCI and Deputy Undersecretary Dinçer ATEŞ was held in December 5, 2015 in Ankara.

Education Technology Summit which united distinguished educators and academicians such as Google’s Education Director Bram BOUT, Khan Academy’s Director of Turkey Alp KÖKSAL and Intel Education Specialist Sabine HUBER arouse interest with topics like “Coding- coding training, technological classrooms of the future, mobile elarning in education, 3D technologies, consicous and secure internet use in education, accessible informatics in education, social media and blogs, game-based learning-educational games, e-content creation tools, effective use of interactive boards in education, technology supported successful exercises in student centered education”. Proceeding book which has the presentations in the Education Technologies Summit has been offered to you, distinguished readers.